Sharing Our Views

Still from Amber and Ellen’s video of a socially distanced walk on Selsley Common. Ellen Cormack and Amber Uttley

In response to our exhibition, Ghost Mills, about the local textile culture and the many disused or repurposed mills in the Stroud Valleys, a number of us developed a project looking to the future based on Alan Mossman’s idea to build six large wind turbines on the high points around Stroud – A Ring of Mills –  we had originally recorded interviews with local people on video, seeking their views to the idea and wanted to continue this by walking with people on their favourite walks, identifying their ideas for how a carbon neutral landscape could be taken as an opportunity to increase the value of the landscape for people and wildlife. This tied in with the local authority’s carbon neutral strategy. And then came lockdown. So we instead interviewed groups of people on zoom and asked them to walk and make videos which we then assembled on a website.

Visit the Sharing Our Views website to see interviews and videos that answer questions about people’s vision of a carbon neutral countryside.