First Friday Walks Gallery

First Friday Walk | January 6th 2012 | by Purton Wrecks along the River Severn | cold North Westerly wind, weak sunshine

a Walking the Land image | Kel Portman | Severn, looking north

First Friday Walk | December 2nd 2011 | from Stroud, above Hawkwood to Folly Wood | cold with broken cloud

images: Walking the Land/Richard Keating

First Friday Walk | May 6th 2011 from Stroud, west along the river Frome | clear, bright and sunny

image: ‘River Frome, Shadow drawing’ Walking the Land/Kel Portman

First Friday Walk | March 4th 2011 from The Vine Tree, Randwick – up through Randwick Woods | clear, bright and sunny
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image: Walking the Land/Kel Portman
image: Randwick. Walking the Land/Kel Portman

First Friday Walk | December 3rd 2010 | from Stroud along the River Frome and Stroudwater Canal the up through the Heavens | cold and frosty

images: Walking the Land/Kel Portman

First Friday Walk | November 5th 2010 | from the Edgemoor Inn and up over Edge Common | heavy rain and mist

7 walked out – in the rain – by Anna Knight

soaking to saturation
only sound
talk talk
mixing discussion relating
and the rain
and the shuffle through leaves
orange sepia ochres russets
beech oak sycamore
slippery roots
and the rain washed scent of yew
black barked beech
arms reaching upwards
strangling ivy
bark marked by its absence
shouting above the Friday noise
lorries cars too close for comfort
‘why aren’t they all at work!”
and still the sound of the rain and words –
no birds to be seen –
except the barn owl
surprised by the invasion at the base of HIS oak
1000 years old… with all it had to offer
manacled with chains
a history on its own –
to wonder about –
thumbs up from the builders
gay purple steps
up and over
spying into silent unlit houses
mown lawns competing for straight lines
badger runs down steep banks to tarmac
paw marks awash with mud
mixed dairy, calves afoot
disgruntled with our presence
glad no dog
I did not hear the donkeys bray
but saw the rolling northern mist
luminous lines of  field maple
berries bright against the grey –
drawings wet in pocket
to dry out in the warmth
of home
Thank you, Kel and Richard

First Friday Walk 4 | April 2nd 2010 from The Edgemoor Inn in Edge

A day of showers, sunshine and rainbows.  Up over the SSSI of Edge Common to Scottsquarr Hill, then through dense beechwoods at Maitland Wood. Overlooking Stroud, Rodborough and Michenhampton Common, we dropped down through more woodland tracks with emerging bluebells and wild garlic, finally returning to Edge, tea and cake.
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First Friday Walk 3 | February 5th 2010 from The Black Horse in Amberley
We dropped down quite steeply onto a well trodden path along the escarpment clad beechwoods overlooking Woodchester before climbing up onto Minchinhampton Common from where we had far reaching views over Stroud, along the Chalford Valley, over Nailsworth and along the Woodchester Valley. We then followed iron age earthworks before returning via the picturesque hill village of Amberley.
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First Friday Walk 2 | 4th December 2009
We walked along some of Stroud’s rivers and canal, very much a Stroud Water Walk, we experienced decay and change as we walked on paths that marked the edges of wild, urban and industrial.

Images from the Walk

Multiple Exposures made by the Group

Lucy Guenot




Tom Keating

Words from the Walk Collected by the Group
Winding veins flow Victorian shame Rushing water reflecting the sky Bare tress grow Decline forged signs Industrious heritage

The first of our series of First Friday Walks took place on 6th November, elevating us up to  700′  to Painswick Beacon and then on through the Spoonbed valley, west of Painswick.
Along with other things, Participants were invited to select a ‘found object’ from their surroundings near the beginning of the walk and later asked to respond to it by writing a sentence in just 17 words.  Here are some of the results – more material to come:

Penny Prince
Brightly coloured Ms Manicure lost –  rain sodden, windswept beneath the Beacon’s high point Lying –   incongruous companionship
Lucy Guenot Fluorescent plastic tee shouts, “See me!”, but my eye is transfixed by hedge curves across wet fields
Tom Keating 
We look out over Gloucester flat sunken ground moulded by water more than the mist can hold
Kel Portman 
this small stone fragment perhaps lay near this wall when Romans came, bringing pizza to pacify Picts
Richard Keating
Harvey, nose to ground, running and fetching, will chase this ball, sharing the landscape, making me human.

Images from the Walk
Richard Keating images compiled after the walk by Richard. These images are made from scanned drawings overlaid with digital photographs and all manipulated in Adobe Photoshop. The drawings in the first image were made while walking about 100 paces towards the hedgerow.

"Approaching Hedgerow Trees"

‘Approaching Hedgerow Trees’
‘First Rains of November’

Tom Keating


‘we look out over Gloucester’

Kel Portman
Spoonbed Valley
‘by the dry-wall where I know many stones, we notice textures of the trees…..’