A new page with recent works by Richard Keating.

Walking the Land has been engaging people with the Stroud Landscape since 2004. With his background in landscape and countryside, green space, community forestry and sustainability its not surprising that Richard Keating’s drawing lead PhD at Swansea Metropolitan University focuses on the Stroud Landscape and its communities. The work builds upon the experiential and participatory approach taken to landscape art by Walking the Land and the work of contributing artists, writers and thinkers on shared walks.
This animated video is a result of walking and drawing with many people in the context of an initiative called ‘The Weave’. ‘The Weave’ was sponsored by the Local Strategic Partnership and developed in conjunction with Stroud Common Wealth. It is particularly interested in the restoration of the Cotswold Canals as a driver for positive change. The animation explores what this might mean in practice.

by Richard Keating on Vimeo.