Approaching The Old Passage

Glenn Hall, Sue Porter and Richard Keating made a few slow walks towards the River Severn during the first fifty days of the project. Morgan was with them. They drew, wrote about, sniffed about, photographed and videoed as they went.  Sue and Richard’s approach was to stop at a given number of paces and respond to what was there.  Glen and Morgan were more free-ranging.

We live on either side of the River, in different countries in fact, and this blog is a place for us to discuss our ideas and outputs; a part of our process.  To quote Sue: “If I think about it as a space to share work-in-progress then it sounds good. The risk is I could let it feel like an oppressive demand if I’m not careful. But in the spirit of blog as reflective journal then why not!”


Hi Sue and Glenn

I’ve been researching a fair bit about ancient tracks and drovers routes relating to Arlingham and by coincidence there was a programme on radio four yesterday making links between welsh cattle drovers and the name “Little London” (about 10 minutes in).

Here are a few more combinations of words and drawings:

s&r 3

s&r  4