First Friday Walk March 2022

Dear colleagues.

It’s nearly March and time to post you about our forthcoming synchronised walk next Friday 4th Our thanks to Ruth Illingworth who has planned this walk

…”Walking from valley to hill from town to rural places exploring the liminal – with a focus on trees old and new and changing views topographically and historically”. Here’s a very relevant quote from David Nash to help develop the ideas of liminality and time in art. Liminal comes from the Latin word for threshold

“The idea of time is very important because for on-site works, I commit to having my work stay around for several years… I like to return to my works.” The second quote from him seems particularly pertinent this week! ‘When I first planted the ring of trees for Ash Dome, the Cold War was still a threat. There was serious economic gloom, very high unemployment in our country, and nuclear war was a real possibility. We were killing the planet, which we still are because of greed. To make a gesture by planting something for the 21st century, which was what Ash Dome was about, was a long-term commitment, an act of faith. I did not know what I was letting myself in for”.

Walking apart but together

For those of you who won’t be able to join us in person, we aim to synchronise our walk to start at 13:15 London time. For those who plan to join us in Gloucestershire, this months walk will be facilitated by Ruth Illingworth who will guide us through the liminal areas of town and countryside around Nailsworth, looking specifically at trees and their place in the landscape.

We’ll be meeting for lunch in a pub, close to the town centre

12:00: Lunch

13:15: Start of the walk

The walk will take us around 4-6 km and be on mixed terrain with adequate supplies of mud

We plan to return to our starting point by 16:30 – 17:00

Please get back ASAP with a message here with your ‘expression of interest’ and we’ll send you details next Wednesday.

If you haven’t heard from us by then, please contact usBest wishesall of us at Walking the Land

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