Cathy Mills’ Project

December 4th 2009

I’ve run out of time to play around with photoshop, so that will have to
wait..It took me 3 hours and a phone call to the States to down load a 3
month free trial!

I managed to get back to the river today. It was different again; the tide
was high but on the way out and revealed many plants growing in the mud.
I like the mud! Its so thick and gloopy and smelly but fertile. I found
plants growing there that I hadnt seen before.
Time and light were fast disappearing so I walked a little and left a small
offering for the river. I left my heart by the river.

Another time I would like to take some mud away and see how I can use it in
a painting. For today, though, it started to rain hard so I left to get warm
and dry…. My hope is that whoever makes the  decisions  regarding the
barrage, they always remember to respect and honour this beautiful river and the life that it sustains.



December 3rd 2009

Having visited the river after all the recent rain and also a high full moon tide the feeling was very different. I noticed many bits of wood and ‘stuff’ lying at the point where the water comes at its highest.
Right up where the river mud starts the only plant life I can see are the reeds or rushes that seem to thrive on the mud and also seaweed that has been washed up.

I feel drawn to building something from the driftwood that’s lying around.
My offering to the river….

Times running out! Im gonna try and get down there tomorrow and see what happens. I wish there was a nice cheap café down there, its bloody freezing!



17th November

I have been visiting the river at Arlingham, a spot that i know and love well from walking my dog there. I am drawn to the idea of revisiting the same site many times. the place becomes familiar and at each visit more details show themselves to me.

The question of energy and how we use it and the ethics of sourcing this energy has so many facets to it. My instinct at this point, to avoid feeling overwhelmed, is not to put my head in the sand but, rather than trying to find the rights and wrongs of it all, to look at my feet and the land that i am walking on. It is soothing and fascinating and this has led me to look closely at the plants that grow alongside the river to a max of 20 metres inland.
I want to honour the river and the special type of soil that exists in this estuary.

Last Sunday, i found 2 different types of mushroom growing just near where the sand/silt begins. I also noticed that the clover and dandelion plants seemed much larger, the nearer they are to the river. Was I hallucinating? No I didnt try the mushrooms….

I had been planning to do some drawing but this hasnt happened yet. I just enjoy being there/looking  and perhaps playing with the images digitally will be enough.

I am identifying the plants and their properties at present. Any help on this would be welcomed!

I plan to revisit Arlingham soon to do more walking, looking and thinking…