Interconnectivity and Interdependency

Walking the Land have been developing Confluence: Interconnectivity and Interdependency an initiative with the intention of exploring in practice how artists can work together and with others to reveal and re-enchant the landscape by creating and sharing a body of work that encourages the general public to walk and experience natural and cultural heritage.

With this in mind, we have been developing work for an exhibition, public workshops and seminars at the Museum in the Park during April 2019.

An exciting development of this work is the potential involvement with the National Trust’s Stroud Landscape Partnership project, and particularly using the arts to engage young people.

Aim and Objectives for the pilot collaboration with the Stroud Landscape Project.

Walking the Land’s overall aim for this project is to develop and use walking art practices to help young people develop an understanding of and engagement with the Stroud landscape, particularly those areas owned, managed or influenced by the National Trust in their pioneering approach to take a whole landscape approach.

We have a number of objectives in achieving this aim:

  1. to work with walking artists and others to research good practice regards involving artists in this type of partnership work. Good practice from the point of view of the artists and land managers and other agencies involved in increasing access to nature for young people
  2. to develop young people’s ability to express their responses to places through walking art
  3. to develop art walking practices in the context of whole landscape management and to promote and manifest the interconnectivity and interdependency between human and non human under the theme of “Movement and adaptation”.
  4. to produce an interim exhibition, workshops and interim review of the project by April 2019 and to explore further collaboration and next steps.