Walking the Land’s lead artists
• Tom Keating

• Richard Keating

• Kel Portman
personal projects:
courses and tuition:

Walking the Land Associated artists
• Valerie Coffin Price

• Alisdair Shepherd

• Suze Adams

• land2…The creative practice-led research body ‘land2’ (land squared) is a national network of artists/lecturers and research students with an interest in landscape/place-oriented art practice

• Beyond the Comfort Zone…an exhibition featuring several Walking the Land artists

• Landscape and Arts Network…was launched in 1993 with the aim of bringing together landscape architects, engineers, architects, artists, educationalists and ecologists and to encourage collaboration and cross-fertilisation, both in theory and practice.

Severn Estuary Art Atlas … a resource that shows artworks which have been created in and around the Severn Estuary, and reveals this extraordinary landscape through artworks created with(in) it, linking to place markers on the accompanying Google map.

I Spy Pinhole Eye …This collaborative work of photographs by Simon Denison and poems by Philip Gross addresses ideas of perception, revelation and truth.